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With Ontario Concrete Inc., you can expect to hire a brilliant concrete contractor who will provide skill, passion and motivation to provide excellence for you every step of the way! Entrust all the projects you have in mind to people with the proper education and experience, and you’ll see every detail at the property in Bradford, ON realized to perfection! That, we can promise!

Our Services

Excavation Services

Excavation Services

Are you aware of all the particulars of excavating and how to ensure the process runs as it should? If not, you can ask us to do the excavation for you. We know how to take the measurements and provide the space necessary for the project!
Demolition Services

Demolition Services

If something is in the way of a grander project – we’ll take care of it – with caution! Demolition can be scary if you’re unprepared and haven’t taken proper safety precautions, but we always do – so the work will run smoothly!
Curing, Cutting and Coring Concrete

Curing, Cutting and Coring Concrete

We chose to specialize in the art of concrete cutting and coring, and curing because all three are essential components. We know how long concrete has to cure before cutting it and will drill or core the perfect holes in any foundation!
Concrete Foundations

Concrete Foundations

We can lay down the foundation or flooring at your property or offer our concrete foundation repair – whichever service suits you best! We want to be well-rounded in what we provide, so let’s talk about everything we can provide!


It’s essential to waterproof any concrete foundations and structures because you don’t want that damage to cause problems in the future. Let us seal off your concrete structures and ensure they are waterproof!
Window and Door Installation

Window and Door Installation

We might focus on all things concrete, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a fantastic job installing the doors and windows! And what’s better? We supply them and offer an assortment of choices to pick from!

Ontario Concrete Inc.

Bradford, ON L3Z 3A2

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Work You Don’t Need to Manage

You can and probably do need to manage on your own with a lot of work around the property, but that’s not true for everything. It’s not a rule that you must take care of everything on your own, especially when it comes to tougher projects that require more skill and time than you may have to give. For example, if you’re working with concrete and have no idea of all the particulars or need commercial and residential concrete repair for your structures – you might want to look for a team to manage it!

We’ll Take Care of the Hard Part

The thing about concrete is that one cannot simply start working with it without the required education and skills, which are qualities we have an abundance of. And because of our dedication to creating perfection for every customer, we’re the perfect team to hire. As specialists that care about excellence and precision, we want to create something for you that won’t break at the slightest nudge of pressure – we want to provide stability for you!

More Areas We Serve

So many people choose to have concrete structures and foundations all over their properties – what kind of contractors would we be if we didn’t offer to take care of the work? And it’s absurd to offer our excellence and skill level only to one area – we wanted to reach as many people as possible, and we managed to achieve that. We added a few more locations to our roster and couldn’t be happier! Now we get to help even more people get the dependable services they need!

  • Beeton, ON
  • Springwater, ON
  • Humber Summit, ON

Call Ontario Concrete Inc. and experience the concrete service that’s impressed countless others in the Bradford, ON area before you! We want you to see excellence right in front of your eyes, no matter which one of our services you choose to request. We want you to know what it feels like to work with experts and specialists on something not included in your skill set. We also want you to see your property become brilliant with the help of skilled, experienced and dedicated contractors!

Client Testimonials

by Liam Connoly on Ontario Concrete Inc.
Excellent Concrete Cutting and Coring!

I wouldn't hire anyone else for concrete cutting and coring - not after witnessing what these guys can do. I was taken by their skill and professionalism - they were a breath of fresh air! It was easy to work with them, and they were open to all suggestions throughout.

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